Stardust AW20 – The Funky, Ethereal and Eclectic “Tribal Gathering” Collection

Fairylike and otherworldly? Galaxy esque? Psychedelic & spiritual?
It’s Tribal Gathering Time.


The months of Autumnal cold and Winter crisp are now upon us - we are thrust into the A/W20 way of dressing. At Buba we have released our new Stardust collection entitled “Tribal Gathering.” 

Stardust’s Tribal Gathering designs – a farewell to the plain and simple & a very welcoming invitation to boldness, vibrancy and sassiness. Emerge. Excite. Embrace. Ladies of life & of leisure, it’s time to unleash our inner goddess. 

For this collection, lifelong friends and designers, Lesley and Anami have drawn inspiration from their own spiritual and holistic ways of living, thinking and doing – and this aesthetic is reflected in every ounce of their new, timeless and highly current designs.

Tribal Flamenco Maxi Dress Black Diamond - £189

The pair reminisce to a few months prior – sharing the prints and images that sparked inspiration and kickstarted the creation of the collection. Anami recalls Lesley having a ‘1960’s dress with a beautiful psychedelic print’ that the pair were inspired by. The newly released Metallic Sunset print exudes the 1960’s free spirited nature & psychedelic scene, but with a contemporary and elegant twist. For the businesswoman on her way to work, perhaps for the mother on her way to a lunch or dinner date – a sophisticated attire giving a subtle nod to her groovy, hippie roots. 

Tribal Farrah Blouse Snow Leopard - £120  

Stardust designers Lesley & Anami want to add sass and adventure to women’s wardrobes and daily lives. For them – prints do exactly this. Navajo tribal inspired images were thrown around, as well as moons, serpents and mandalas to create a ‘flowing and dynamic print.’ Ancient spiritual traditions, practices and symbols were the guiding forces behind the designs. Creative Illustrator Adi bought these ideas together, allowing them to come to life and flourish. 

The new Tribal style prints include Black Diamond, Snow Leopard, Watermelon Tourmaline, Black Mamba and Electric Sunset. Each design features the face of a Snow Leopard – an iconic symbol for the collection. This striking image enchantingly stares out at us as from the design – enough to catch any passer-by’s attention. Lesley Silwood, Creative Director of Stardust, shares her intention behind creating and featuring the snow leopard stare on each of her new designs is ‘to bring awareness to these highly endangered animals.’ As well as ‘adding a spiritual element’ – the epicentre of inspiration and feel for Stardust’s A/W20 collection.  

   Tribal Candy Blouse Electric Sunset - £96

The Tribal print is available in a variety of designs. The Sweetheart Flamenco Maxi Dress, a sassy ruffled hem style, the Keaton Maxi Dress – complete with bold billowing sleeves.  The Farrah and Candy blouse styles, each featuring a tie-neck and exuding elegance. The Mia Skirt, a classic transitional piece, pair with a jumper and trainers for a cosy winter look or amp up the glam with heels and a bodysuit for evening glitz.

Tribal Keaton Maxi Dress Watermelon Tourmaline - £189 

Our Metallic Sunset print foregoes the snow leopard head, instead, the design is replaced with a trail of multicoloured stars. Galaxy esque & radiating a mystical aura, the bold black completes this look. Available in a selection of our best-selling styles, and a newly released chic blazer, the ‘Boudoir Jacket’. These timeless pieces are perfect for those desiring a subtler look. 

If you’re yearning for a Bohemian piece with a touch of elegance to blitz up your wardrobe for the coming Christmas season – whether cozied up at home or managing to escape for a swanky outing, then this print is your staple.

Velvet has taken a place in our collection this year, featuring on the Stella and Boudoir hot pink jackets. Available in navy for a military inspired look, or dusty grey for a more casual aesthetic. You can also find a peek of velvet adorning our ‘Harlequin’ dress. These designs stray away from the lively prints and take on the themes in a more quietly powerful way.

Stella Velvet Jacket Navy - £210

A/W20. Get ready. Emerge. Excite. Embrace. It’s Tribal Gathering time at Stardust.


Written by Amelia Baldwin

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